Haircuts 4 Homeless 2.0

We interviewed B. JaWuan Jones, creator of Haircut4Homeless about 12 months ago and it was one of the inspirational stories of 2019 for us. We wanted to follow up with him and see how he was getting on. If you don't know who @Haircut4Homeless we encourage you to follow him on his journey as he gives back to the people with free haircuts for the homeless. 

Firstly, what have you been up to since we last spoke 12 months ago?

The last 12 months since we last spoke have been great. I’m still continuing on my mission to end homelessness one haircut at a time. Over 7000 haircuts and counting! 

What are some highlights since we last spoke? 

The release of my documentary “Cutz Of Compassion” produces by CBS, a few major contracts, and the planning of a new homeless shelter which is currently in the works.

We asked you in 2019, what was one of the toughest parts of the journey so far and you told us it was figuring a way to get things done in the winter months, any progress?

It’s always gonna be difficult, we will get there, just need to keep believing in what we are doing and any help is appreciated. There is always things people can do to help, warm clothes is one of them.

For anyone in the community looking for a way to give back, what would your advice be? 

You need to make sure your heart is in the right place. Don’t do it for clout.

How can people help you and your mission? 

I’m always looking for help and volunteers for events and such. For anyone interested feel free to follow me on all social media platforms and shoot me a message! 

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