RTR FEATRUES: The Mitchenor Foundation

wIt’s been a while since our last feature but as part of our latest drop in collaboration with @_robrich and @_therichfam, we’re donating a percentage of profits to the Mitchenor Foundation; a charity doing amazing things for children in underserved communities in the US and Africa focusing on education in the Arts. Check out what they’re about in our interview with them below and definitely give them a follow @themitchenorfdn or check out their site here more info.

Can you tell us about the foundation and what you are doing?

We are a NPO based in LA providing performing and visual arts opportunities to transient [homeless] children as well as children in underserved communities.

We have a partnership with one of the oldest missions, right in the heart of Skid Row, Union Rescue Mission along with offering out programming in Uganda + India!

With the arts not being too much part of the educational curriculum we have also teamed up with KIPPSoCal via offering our programming there as well. 

How did you get started and how’s the journey going so far?

Michelle took a trip to Uganda back in 2017 and worked with some of the children at a school there where her cousin plays a very pivotal role. She left there with the passion in her heart to serve and be able to give back. 

From there she got TMF registered with the state of California as a NPO and started working on developing the partnership with URM and shelters in Uganda as well as India to provide equal opportunities to children from low income families to explore the benefits of the arts. 

The ultimate goal is to always give children the tools to fearlessly find their purpose!  

What is something you are most proud of?

The power of the community of The Mitchenor Foundation who we lovingly refer to as the “TMF TRIBE”  we are literally not able to do what we do for these children without them...from our monthly donors to instructors who are amongst the top in their industry, the level of experience of working with children allows us to be at the cutting edge of what we do.  It’s because of the Tribe that we are able to consistently have impact on the lives of the children...and that’s what makes us proud. 

In a perfect world, what does the next 5 years look like and what do you want to achieve?

Ha! In a perfect world...outside opening back up and us being able to start hosting our master classes, workshops, ICON events and so much more at the TMF Headquarters, our brick and mortar we were able to acquire RIGHT before the pandemic.

What can people reading this do to help the cause? 

If you are reading this and feel pulled towards the cause, you can join the tribe, become a monthly donor or even give of your gifts and talents simply email contact@themitchenorfoundation.org to inquire within!

Check out some shots of what they have been up to and definitely get behind them!

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