For our first in our new blog series, RTR Features, we thought what better way to kick things off than with the very appropriately named Rob Rich. 

RTR Features, is all about interviewing people in our community who are doing amazing things in the world, people that are an inspiration to us and hopefully you. Whether it is something with charity, business, sports or music we are gonna be on the hunt for anyone who is hustling everyday and makes us and our readers want to do the same. We all have it in us, sometimes we just need that extra bit of motivation...

So here goes our first one.

Rob Rich (@_robrich) does a bit of everything, he’s an entrepreneur with an emphasis on the arts and entertainment industry and whether it is choreography, directing, event co-ordination, instructing or helping others realize their dreams, he is extremely passionate at what he does, and not a bad dancer himself…

Where do you live?

Hard to say sometimes, mainly based in Los Angeles but very much a world citizen. I am currently touring Europe

You look like you are always on the go, whats the secret?

It’s how I start the day, if I’m at home or travelling I need to hit the ground running so it’s usually protein shake, breakfast, gym, protein shake and get ready for the day.

Sometimes it means grinding the 24 hours and getting no sleep and sometimes it means to sit back, relax and know that tomorrow we must grind even more. Learning to find a balance.  

What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months? 5 years?

I’m now working on buying my first house so my goal is to be more than financially sound for this next step. My dream is to live in Europe with a couple of properties under my belt, drinking lots of wine while continuing to run my companies

What is going to be the hardest thing about achieving this?

Although it won’t be like picking up and starting again actually relocating to another country can be quite a task so in general the move is the most difficult aspect. Europe is a very different place to the US, I love a challenge though

What is your greatest success and failure so far in your career?

In 2013 I started a global company “RICHFAM” which provides platforms for deserving dancers in their local communities that want to take their careers to the next level. So far I’ve sponsored over 10 people worldwide and they are all continuously successfully working in dance. I’ve also put on over 20 sold out productions worldwide.

And Failure? 

My biggest failure would probably be allowing my heart to sometimes over take my business mentality. This has turned out so wrong for me many times. I still struggle with this as I become wiser with time and experience.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career? 

My family. They are my heart and soul. (Also tattooed on my arm). I’m from the hood in Philly and Mom and Pops did everything right to make sure I got out and was prepared to be great. I do this for me but so much for them. My little sister is also a successful entrepreneur living in Los Angeles and another key source of inspiration for me daily.

Who is your favorite artist, musician and/or sportsman?

At the moment:

Artist: Banksy. Musician: that’s a hard one. I love neo-soul music, Jazz, and great music from earlier eras Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Temptations, but you can catch me jamming to anything in range from a good Jill Scott to the new Ariana Grande album. Sportsman: never thought of this to be honest but probably would have to pick like a David Beckham (played soccer for 12 years) because of his fashion mogul status or Odell Beckham Jr for the same reasons as well as their personas and steez.

What do you do to relax?

Eat. I love love (love) good food. Movies are also my place of serenity.

What is the best advice you have ever been given and from who?

Probably from so many people at numerous times of my life “KEEP GOING”

As well as my father always taught me “LIVE LIKE A KING”, a phrase which has so many layers of context within itself. 

What is your favorite quote?

“Without Struggle there is no progress” 

-Frederick Douglas 

A huge thank you to Rob Rich for being our first Feature, if you know anyone else that we should get some gear and talk to, fire us an email on hello@robtherich.com

Thanks for reading and make sure you check him out on Insta.

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